Donations Box – Help us to help those in need…

Merry Go, a mobile salon, uplifts homeless and people in need through free grooming services to restore dignity and hope. Since 2016, we’ve provided 7,100+ free services, with 600+ in 2023 despite challenges. 

Your support is vital for our impact, covering operational costs and essential supplies for an uplifting experience. 

By donating, you join us in changing lives through simple acts of kindness, offering more than just haircuts – moments of care and hope for those in need. Your contributions directly impact homeless individuals, providing a safe space for them to feel valued and confident. 

crew homeless haircuts
sam and crew charity work

Positive change for those in need

Your donations are crucial for Merry Go’s operations, sustaining our mission to provide physical and emotional care to those in need. Supporting us means covering volunteer and stylist team costs, vehicle maintenance, and necessary supplies essential for our services. Together, we can boost confidence and positivity change for those in need. 

Join us with your donation to  ensuring Merry Go thrives in its mission to do good for the community by making a difference through your support