Fresh Heads


Caribbean Coconut was designed for people with dry, course hair. The tonic consists of natural oils that nourish and replenish the hair and help it to maintain a beautiful sheen. This tonic, extracted from fresh coconut pulp, contains the finest ingredients for moisturising the hair and the head.


Purple Haze, created to be a pure and dynamic coloured spirit, is a striking, cutting-edge fragrance that specializes in normal to dry hair. When applied to the scalp it takes you on an unforgettable journey of pleasure and sophistication.


Mediterranean Watermelon has been created for normal hair types. With extracts of refreshing watermelon, this product releases a fruity, bright fragrance that revitalizes tired and lank hair, giving it a vibrant and lustrous appearance, whilst leaving the scalp with a freshness that lasts all day.


Red Rush, with it's longer lasting aroma, has been formulated by fresh heads to create a fragrance just for men. The unique tonic with its distinctive scent invigorates the hair and scalp, leaving your head and senses feeling revitalized and alive.


Citrus Twist is made from a fine blend of lemon and lime extract and has been specifically developed to contend with the demands of greasy hair. This zesty burst of sunshine, with its sharp but subtle mixture of lemon and orange oils, blends with a twist of alcohol, removing any excess grease to leave your head and hair feeling notably refreshed and ready for the day ahead.


Atlantic Freeze is ideal for all hair types. When applied vigorously, the tonic leaves a crisp, stimulating, deep-clean freshness and a unique cooling effect for the scalp that will leave you feeling energized throughout your day.