Spa & Massage Treatments

Crew Men's Spa Treatments - (Fulham Salon Only)

Our Spa

Unique to London, our spa is based on a traditional Roman and Turkish bath concept. In centuries past, the Hammam was known as the silent doctor, a place of cleansing and healing for both body and soul.

Spa members will embark on a journey to ease them away from the stresses of daily life towards a state of serenity.

Take a relaxing spa to help sooth and relax your body and mind. Our spa has two different areas, depending on the intensity of heat that you wish to enjoy.

steam room spa massage fulham

Spas, also known as turkish baths, or steam rooms, are designed to help relax the muscles and detoxify the skin. The skin is the body's largest organ, and use of a steam room helps to remove impurities from the skin.

Steam rooms can be used to relieve tight muscles, as well as to refresh the skin. A spa is also a good treatment for respiratory problems such as sinusitis.

Towel, sarong, gown and slippers are provided with all spa treatment.

luxury spa massage fulham london

Just Spa

Take your time and relax in our Turkish Bath.


Detox Spa

A luxury Spa body treatment to detoxify and reveal radiant body. Using Dead Sea mineral mud with its high concentration of essential elements, helps improve circulation, aid the immune system, reduces muscle tension, and ease rheumatic pain.

£40.00 - 20 minutes

Spa and Gommage (Exfoliating body scrub)

The Spa & Gommage treatment starts with a relaxing spa to help relax the skin and muscles. Then, when the client is ready, they will be taken to the treatment area where the therapist will use a special body scrub exfoliating glove and black olive soap to scrub the body. This helps to get rid of dead skin and will leave the skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

“Choice of sea salt, brown sugar, coffee, Tropical lulur scrubs”

£50.00 - 30 minutes

Spa Treat

The complete all over service. This total package includes, Spa, 30 min Gommage, Detox Spa and 1 hour sport massage.

The Detox Spa will leave you feeling cleansed and refreshed.

£145.00 - 2 hours

Our Massage

Crew Experience offers a full range of massage services in conjunction with our spa treatments. The massage services on offer include the relaxing sports massage, the de-stressing oil massage or the Deep Tissue Massage

Massage employs various methods of manipulation to relieve stress, muscle tension and fatigue. It also helps to improve circulation and promotes relaxation.

de stressing deep tissue massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage is used to aleviate tension and stresses that build up in the body's soft tissue when you exercise and put stress on those muscles. As each sport uses a different set of muscles, your therapist will focus on those areas that need attention, whether this is to ensure the muscles are in peak condition prior to an event, or to relieve the stresses endured post-exercise.

There are many benefits to sports massage: other than just feeling good and having less tension in your muscles, sports massage can relieve pain and help to improve blood circulation around your body encouraging faster healing.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique used to reduce the build up of tension, caused by scar tissue, in the deep layers of muscle within the body. When there is a build up of scar tissue with in the muscle, muscle fibres can get adhered and cause tension and tightness of the muscles. Scar tissue can also cause improper mobility of the muscle. Deep tissue massage tackles the deeper layer of the muscle fibres to brake down scar tissue and therefore helps to get back proper movement within a muscle and between the muscles.

Deep tissue massage helps to improve blood circulation, release tensions and free toxins from the body.

Oil Massage (De-stress)

The Oil Massage (or sometimes called the De-stress massage) is a massage treatment to help reverse the effects of a stressful lifestyle and relax the body and mind. The essential oils used during this massage treatment help to relax the muscles and feed the skin as your therapist works out the tension from your muscles.

roman bath table


Massage employs various methods of manipulation to relieve stress, muscle tension and fatigue. It also helps to improve circulation improves and promotes relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage & Sports Massage

A Deep healing massage with special emphasis on trouble areas, we focus on the neck, shoulders, back and wherever discomfort, stress or injury affects you most.

£45.00 - 30 minutes

£70.00 - 1 hour


Unwind and totally relax with this massage Relieves stress and tension.

£70.00 - 1 hour