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Barbering & Shaving Putney

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Putney Salon

Crew Cut

Clipper cut, shampoo and clean shave round the neck with a cut throat razor.

£16.50 – 20 minutes

Crew Experience Haircut and Finish

Precision cutting and styling at its finest from one of our stylists, this treatment offers a consultation, followed by a shampoo, conditioner and a relaxing scalp massage, finished with rinse and an aromatic scent friction lotion.

£21.50 – 30 minutes

Kids & Senior Citizens Haircuts


Scalp and Hair Treatment

For dry, damaged or flaky scalp. A customised clinically proven treatment that will improve the health, strength and shine of your hair and scalp.

£15.50 – 15 minutes

Traditional Hot Towel Wet Shave

The wet shave starts with refreshing eye pads, followed by aromatic hot towels to soften and prepare the skin. A bristle brush is then used to lift the stubble for the closet possible shave, finishing with an application of a soothing and calming post
shave balm and protective moisturiser.

£35.00 – 30 minutes

Crew Experience Facial Grooming Shave

This is a luxurious grooming facial treatment using our exclusive facial product range and hot towel wet shave. This deluxe treatment includes a step-by-step
consultation on how best to incorporate grooming products into your daily routine.

£40.00 – 45 minutes

Beard trim

£10.50 – 10 minutes

Beard Design and Wet Shave

£17.50 – 15 minutes